Writing on the go, mobile first



I'm writing this from my iPhone, using Squarespace's Blog app. 

It looks streamlined and intuitive. But can it be more than that for me? Can it create the habit of freely writing when inspiration strikes but I'm not around my computer?

Other popular web publishing platforms have cracked that problem in similar ways. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name just a few, have all embraced the mobile first experience. The primary device you use to interact with those services is your phone. Whether is to consume content or produce content, the go-to place is this little screen you carry with you at all times.

By now, we're well too familiar with reading articles or posts, following up links, looking at your friend's vacation pictures, watching Youtube videos or your favorite TV Shows all on our mobile devices. All at the same time that we've become used and well versed in interacting with all that content — commenting, liking, retweeting, saving it to our pinterest boards, group messaging that cool video link and sending LOL Cat animated GIFs through Whatsapp.

In other words, our experience with content and media today is, innevitably, mobile first.

Finally, the quick thoughts on this short post seemed to have moved along a continuous stream of quick typing on my tiny iPhone 6 keyboard. There's something quite informal about it that breaks the mental barriers that usually impede me to write.