My Website, Reinvented.

Today I introduce my new digital space. 2012. It's been 3 years abroad. 3 continents. 3 different countries. 6 different houses. 2 jobs in 2 different world-class companies. An uncountable number of incredibly smart people. Innumerable moments of profound personal breakthroughs.

All ignited by a simple, almost childish blog in 2005. It revolutionized my world by getting me my first job while still in college. That was followed by a portfolio website in 2008 – made on, surprise, iWeb. It revolutionized my life completely again by uprooting me from Brazil, launching me into Europe and its effervescent digital scene.

Today, things have changed significantly. Before, I could afford having a very basic static HTML page that worked on a desktop  screen. Not any more. The world has gone mobile. Multiple sized screens in HiDPI are increasingly becoming the norm. A great website respects that. Before, my objectives were to get big clients and to receive great job offers. Not anymore. My aim is now much simpler: to share what I'm learning, while I'm learning. And a great website respects both content and timing.

So, here's my response to these changes. My website, reinvented. 




The website is optimized to adapt to any screen size, so you can have the best reading experience, no matter if on your phone, tablet or computer. If you're on a desktop, you can resize your browser to check it out. It's pretty cool.



Also, from the header to the icons, all the images are HiDPI ready. I suspect it looks quite crispy and sharp if you're on a Retina Device.



This is a Wordpress powered blog, so timing and recency is not a concern. All future posts will have their own category. Whether it's an article, doodle, quote, link, music, audio, photo or video post, the content shape is always respected and displayed in its best form.

The UI is intentionally minimal and almost undesigned, so the focus is on the content. Oh, and there's even a playful 404 page.

This is work in progress and not perfect. But it's a start that truly makes me smile. I've partnered with my friend Salvatore Formisano, an incredibly talented developer obsessed with Wordpress. He's spent uncountable hours writing the code that makes all this possible. I can't thank him enough.

Watch this space for upcoming posts. I can't promise you Shangri-La, but I do care about relevant content. Feel free to share your thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think.