Writing on the go, mobile first

I'm writing this from my iPhone, using Squarespace's Blog app. 

It looks streamlined and intuitive. But can it be more than that for me? Can it create the habit of freely writing when inspiration strikes but I'm not around my computer?

Other popular web publishing platforms have cracked that problem in similar ways. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, to name just a few, have all embraced the mobile first experience. The primary device you use to interact with those services is your phone. Whether is to consume content or produce content, the go-to place is this little screen you carry with you at all times.

Our experience with content and media today is, innevitably, mobile first.

By now, we're well too familiar with reading articles or posts, following up links, looking at your friend's vacation pictures, watching Youtube videos or your favorite TV Shows all on our mobile devices. All at the same time that we've become used and well versed in interacting with all that content — commenting, liking, retweeting, saving it to our pinterest boards, group messaging that cool video link and sending LOL Cat animated GIFs through Whatsapp.

Our experience with content and media today is, innevitably, mobile first.

Finally, the quick thoughts on this short post seemed to have moved along a continuous stream of quick typing on my tiny iPhone 6 keyboard. There's something quite informal about it that breaks the mental barriers that usually impede me to write. Jackpot.

On Sharing What You Know

Smart people & me

I'm surrounded daily by people incredibly smarter, more capable, more knowledgeable and far more resourceful than me. I admire them. I look up to them. I learn with them. When I compare myself with them, what I know seems so basic, insignificant, amateur, unimportant and not worthy of mention. It all seems just "meh". 

However, I forget that they might feel exactly the same in comparison to people they admire, look up to, and learn from. They might forget that what seems so basic, insignificant, amateurish, unimportant and not worthy of mention to them might mean the world to me. Because we're at different stages.

Share it anyway

In light of that, I want to do something that's hard for me. I want to start sharing more of my experiences and learnings, however small and basic  and "meh" they might appear. Why? The fact is there's always someone out there who will benefit from them. Like I have benefitted from others. What feels like a breakthrough now will always feel like a basic thing in the future. A basic thing for you might be a breakthrough for me. An ordinary thing is also an extraordinary one. It all depends on how and when you look at it. We climb from extraordinary to ordinary. We grow from breakthrough to basic.

Share what you know. It's such a basic concept yet an extraordinary one.


The First English-Portuguese Blog Post


Cycling to Work

Cycling is an excellent alternative for commuting. If you have a bicycle and you live within a few miles from work, you should definitely try a least once within the next week.


It's healthy. Cycling to work reduces your stress levels and gets you exercising on a daily basis.

It's economical. By not driving to work everyday, you can save at least a couple hundred dollars each month on gasoline.

It's green. Cycling is great for the environment. You'll feel good about the fact that, in a very real way, you're reducing the overall traffic burden and supporting healthier air standards.

Bicicleta ao Trabalho

Bicicleta é uma excelente alternativa para ir de casa ao trabalho. Se você tem bicicleta e vive a poucos quilômetros do trabalho, tente pelo menos uma vez na próxima semana.

Por quê?

É saudável. Ir de bicicleta ao trabalho reduz os níveis de estresse e faz com que você se exercite diariamente.

É econômico. Ao não dirigir para o trabalho todos os dias, você economiza centenas de reais por mês em gasolina.

É ecológico. Andar de bicicleta é ótimo para o meio ambiente. Você irá sentir-se bem pelo o fato de que, de forma muito real, você está reduzindo a intensidade do tráfego em geral e também reduzindo a poluição do ar.

4 Useful Websites for iOS Designers

App Sites


Showcase of beautiful iPhone, iPad & Mac app websites. Handy reference pool that provides a great insight on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to App marketing on the web.


iOS Icon Gallery

Showcase of beautiful iOS icons in their full size. It provides a great insight on different icon styles and allow you to look at all the details closely at 512 × 512 pixels. A great source of inspiration and also a good view on how other designers have resolved different visual challenges within the boundaries of an iOS icon.


Copy Paste Character

How do I type primes with Helvetica Neue? This is a web and iPhone application for copying hidden characters that come with digital typefaces, to be pasted into emails, tweets, text documents, forums and whatever else you might need. Don’t know the short code required to type that special character? This tool is your salvation.


The Noun Project

Icons are the world’s visual language. The Noun Project’s goal is to build a global visual language that everyone can understand, enabling users to visually communicate anything to anyone. They have royalty free, downloadable glyphs that can be really useful for mocking up apps and for figuring out universal visual metaphors for your next project.

Brushes.app on the iPad — Timelapse Illustrations


Time lapse video of a quick experimental illustration using Brushes for iOS on the iPad and a Targus stylus This illustration took me around 25 minutes from beginning to end. Original artwork here: http://andresouza.me/doodles/playing-with-brushes-for-the-ipad/ Music: One Step (instrumental) by YACHT (http://www.teamyacht.com/)

Sunset in Hamburg

Time lapse video of a quick experimental illustration using Brushes for iOS on the iPad and a Targus stylus, featuring the sunset over the lake in Hamburg, Germany. This illustration took me around 30 minutes from beginning to end. Original artwork here: http://andresouza.me/doodles/playing-with-brushes-for-the-ipad/ Music: One Step (instrumental) by YACHT (http://www.teamyacht.com/)

Nevada Desert, From Above.

I took these photos last December, during my flight from San Francisco to Atlanta. The skies were incredibly clean from the West Coast all the way to Georgia. American landscapes can look quite lunar at times. Priceless.


A simple sketch, just to pass the time... and to remind me that all of us are equal inside.

Don’t worry about creating things that you think will be popular for a certain group of people — just take time to explore and document for yourself. Eventually you’ll find patterns in your work and your viewpoint will emerge on its own.


Helena Price, San francisco based photographer, on her interview for The Great Discontent.