On Sharing What You Know

Smart people & me

I'm surrounded daily by people incredibly smarter, more capable, more knowledgeable and far more resourceful than me. I admire them. I look up to them. I learn with them. When I compare myself with them, what I know seems so basic, insignificant, amateur, unimportant and not worthy of mention. It all seems just "meh". 

However, I forget that they might feel exactly the same in comparison to people they admire, look up to, and learn from. They might forget that what seems so basic, insignificant, amateurish, unimportant and not worthy of mention to them might mean the world to me. Because we're at different stages.

Share it anyway

In light of that, I want to do something that's hard for me. I want to start sharing more of my experiences and learnings, however small and basic  and "meh" they might appear. Why? The fact is there's always someone out there who will benefit from them. Like I have benefitted from others. What feels like a breakthrough now will always feel like a basic thing in the future. A basic thing for you might be a breakthrough for me. An ordinary thing is also an extraordinary one. It all depends on how and when you look at it. We climb from extraordinary to ordinary. We grow from breakthrough to basic.

Share what you know. It's such a basic concept yet an extraordinary one.